++ Tuesday April 3, 1945

  • Late evening: Transport from Buchenwald with a wood gas car
  • The SS-Doctor Rascher is on the transport as a prisoner

++ Wednesday April 4, 1945

  • The transport arrives in Weiden, but it is refused
  • Afternoon, approximately 14:30: The transport stops south of Weiden. Josef Müller, Captain Ludwig Gehre, and the Lieutenant-Commander Franz Liedig are taken out of the vehicle. Bonhoeffer remains in the vehicle.
  • In the evening: Arrival at the court prison in Regensburg
  • For the evening: Detained in the court prison in Regensburg

++ Thursday April 5, 1945

  • The entire day: In the court prison in Regensburg
  • Approximately 17:00: Request to continue the transfer
  • Approximately 18.00: Transfer continues again
  • The vehicle stops east of Regensburg.
  • They spend the night in the vehicle.

++ Friday April 6, 1945

  • Approximately 11:00 a.m.: A bus comes from Regensburg and picks up the group
  • Transport continues via Straubing
  • Early Afternoon: Transport arrives in Schönberg in the Bavarian Forest
  • Housed at the school in Schönberg
  • For the evening: Remain in the schoolhouse in Schönberg

Picture: Gütersloher Verlagshaus