++ Samstag 7. April 1945

  • During the day: Bonhoeffer spends a quiet day in Schönberg together with the other "special prisoners" (Sonderhäftlingen)
  • In the evening: the arrival of the SS Lawyer Walter Huppenkothen in Flossenbürg
  • Night leading into Sunday: Bonhoeffer in the schoolhouse in Schönberg. In the detention building at Flossenbürg there is a frantic search for Bonhoeffer.

++ Sunday April 8, 1945 (White Sunday)

  • In Flossenbürg: Planning of the court martial against Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, General Hans Oster, Chief Justice Karl Sack, Captain Ludwig Gehre, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
  • In Schönberg: Bonhoeffer performs a morning service in the schoolhouse where the "special prisoners" (Sonderhäftlinge) are housed.
  • After the service, Bonhoeffer is picked up by a vehicle and taken to Flossenbürg.

Picture: Flossenbürg Memorial / National Archives, Washington D.C.